Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1.) Duh, he was a death eater. Too easy

2.) Macnair's first name is Walden. Who names their kid Walden? Must be a British thing.

3.) Flitwick's office. This is not, however, how it occurs in the movie. Harry and Hermione land on the battlement of one of the towers and Hermione uses the "Bombarda" spell (also not in the books) to blast the door open.

4.) I give full credit to answer D, but will accept partial credit for answer B as well.

P.S. Question #4 was just a joke. Don't take it too "Sirius"-ly. Bah ha ha. Bad pun intended.

I need to make harder quiz questions. Maybe you all just cheat. Hmmm.


DiaNe said...

question 4 made me laugh out loud. I could hear Sam say he does still and often.

I love the time travel element in this book because it opens up a huge adventure scene right as the the book is seemingly ending.

Tianna said...

Either your questions are too easy, or the only people who would read a Harry Potter blog regularly are too big of Harry Potter nerds. :)

Anonymous said...

or maybe all u guys r nerds. call a friend, go to the mall. maybe even get friends in the first place! same guy from the percy vs. harry blog. yyep, i went there :). sya wut u want, my opinion's better :p