Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prisoner of Azkaban Chapters 5 - 7

Where have you been?

Busy, I guess. But that's no excuse! I'm recommitting myself to everything Potter. Am I done with this blog? Not by a long shot. So Gryffindorks, let's get rollin'

Chocolate? Seriously?

Can you tell a woman is writing this story? Of course, the cure to the very thing that sucks all the happiness out of you is chocolate. I think Rowling wrote this with a little tongue in cheek. Everyone knows that chocolate makes everything better... at least it does for me.
A couple of questions for you

After the dementors searched the train, why do you think Ginny was shaking so badly? The answer is never explicitly given, but given what we'll learn later about dementors, it makes sense that they would affect Ginny a little differently than the others.

Why would Rowling mention that the Hogwarts stagecoaches smell like straw? I think it is to give the reader a clue that the stagecoaches are being pulled by something. If the stagecoaches simply moved on their own, why would they smell like straw unless the smell came from the things actually pulling the stagecoaches. We'll learn more about them later.

Magical Medicine

As a student of medicine, I find it interesting that Madam Pompfrey would examine a patient in much the same way a muggle would. Although treatments may differ radically in the magical world, it seems that many basic diagnostic skills remain the same.

Oh Minerva

I have to give McGonagall some credit in this story. It seems that almost everyone treats Harry special in one way or another. McGonagall actually sees the importance of giving Harry what he really wants most -- a normal life. She doesn't give him preferential treatment or treat him any different than the other students. Although, it is obvious that through her stern fascade, she has a real soft spot for Harry.

Professor R.J. Lupin

Finally, a competant Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher. I really like this character. He's unpretentious and unassuming. Not a lot of information is given about Lupin early in the book other than that he quickly gains the favor of most students. Pay attention for clues about this character because there's a lot more about him that we are yet to learn. One major clue that is given already is that when Lupin is faced with a Boggart, it assumes the form of an orb. Why would Lupin be afraid of an orb?

Speaking of Boggarts, did you notice that among dark, quiet places they prefer to dwell, closets and beds are among them? This fits right in with kids screaming because there's a monster under their bed because obviously, the boggart would assume the shape of whatever would frighten a child most. It all makes sense!

A Quiz!!!!!!

Okay, Gryffindorks, this quiz doesn't come out of Prisoner of Azkaban, but let's see how good your Harry Potter knowledge is. I admit, even I got stumped on a couple of these. Here it is:

Without referencing the books, google, or anything else besides your own minds, name the seven Horcruxes AND who destroyed each one. (Hint: No one person destroyed more than one horcrux)